Nov 10, 2015 · New computer(3 weeks old), didn't restore anything on it as this is a new Job. Upgraded to Windows 10. Now the clock is not working. It is 2 hours behind making it very annoying to organize myself. I'm in the UK so timezone correctly set up. Updated to latest Windows version. Daylight saving enabled. Any suggestions? Thanks,

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1 day ago · Set includes - 8.5" fry pan, 10.25" fry pan with lid, 1.5QT sauce pan with lid, 2.5QT sauce pan with lid, 5QT stock pot with lid, stainless steel steamer with handles - everything one needs to start cooking! Windows 10 allows you to create custom shortcuts for any program, whether it's a traditional "desktop" app, a new-fangled "universal app" or one of Windows 8's "metro apps." Here's how. SET. Display, set, or remove CMD environment variables. Changes made with SET will remain only for the duration of the current CMD session. Syntax SET variable SET variable=string SET "variable=string" SET "variable=" SET /A "variable=expression" SET /P variable=[promptString] SET " Key variable: A new or existing environment variable name e.g. _num string: A text string to assign to the variable.