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Goal: Use LDAP and PHP to authenticate with Active Directory Prerequisites: PHP LDAP extension, Working knowledge of PHP Many times in enterprise environments you already have an active directory server and all the users you would ever want to access something have an account there. YoLinux LDAP Tutorial: slapd.conf LDIF Configuration YoLinux LDAP Tutorial: slapd.conf LDIF Configuration - OpenLDAP V1.2 There have been two versions of Open LDAP (Version 1.x and 2.x) and the two are configured differently. This tutorial covers the configuration of Open LDAP Version 1.2 (RH 6.x RPM: openldap-1.2.9-6). What is LDAP? - Directory Services | Coursera An LDAP entry is just a collection of information that's used to describe something. Take a look at this example. Don't worry too much about what this says. The format of LDAP entry basically has a unique entry name denoted by dn or distinguished name, then attributes and values associated with that entry. So, CN is the common name of the object.

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Tag Archives: ldap tutorial java. Mainframe. DB2 Tutorial. Next. Info This tutorial is NOT a DB2 DBA tutorial and it is not related to Database administration.

The following example demonstrates how to make connection to a LDAP server using JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) APIs in Java.The JNDI’s interfaces, classes and exceptions are available in the javax.naming.* and javax.naming.directory.* packages which come with JDK. In the New LDAP Configuration window, complete the following steps, as applicable for your LDAP registry: Enter Tutorials_LDAP in the Display Name field and tutorialsldap in the Name field and, optionally, enter a description. Enter the host name and port. Click the Version drop-down list and select the registry version. Jan 31, 2006 · This tutorial demonstrates how to install and configure Samba as a primary domain controller with a secure LDAP-based authentication mechanism. It also describes how to configure the LDAP server, OpenLDAP, for PAM-based authentication and how to secure the link between Samba and OpenLDAP with Transport Layer Security (TLS). The completed system boasts a secure file- and print-sharing setup, in YoLinux LDAP Tutorial: OpenLDAP Password Protection, security and Authentication Add a login and password protection to your OpenLDAP (2.0) directory. This tutorial covers adding password protection and security features to an openLDAP directory.