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How to Change Your PSN Name | Digital Trends May 27, 2020 WinSDR Documentation - System Settings Dialog Box Directory Settings:. This tab of the System Settings dialog box is used to set various directories locations.. Event Files: Sets the root directory where the PSN formatted event files will be places. The event file, either created automatically or with the Real-time or Replay windows, will be placed in a sub directory based on the year and month (drive:\Root_Directory\YYMM\).

Sign in to your account on PlayStation Network. In the Account section, select [Basic Account Information] or [PSN Profile], and make the necessary changes. Update from PlayStation®Vita. Go to [Settings] > [PSN Profile] > [Account Information] or [Profile]. Update from PlayStation®TV. Go to [Settings] > [PSN] > [Account Information] or [Profile].

HOW TO Change PSN Country Region - Change PS4 PlayStation Dec 16, 2018

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My PlayStation How to change Privacy Settings on PlayStation Network PlayStation 4 has additional social options which are grouped into three areas: Gaming | Media: Choose who can see your shared Media and Recent Activities. Your PSN | PlayStation Network | PlayStation